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How To Get Your Car Out Of The Mud

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When your car or truck gets stuck in mud, it can be tempting to accelerate more, but that is the worst thing you can do. As you are in mud, all accelerating does is spin the tires. This causes them to get deeper into the mud, thus making it more difficult to get out. Instead of making this mistake, try one of these other methods for getting out of the mud. Try Using Traction Traction is a great way to get out of the mud when you are not yet too deeply entrenched in it. To use traction, place solid objects below the edge of the tire that is...

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5 Things You Should Know About Car Maintenance

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Being able to go where you need to usually depends on keeping your car in good condition. It’s important to routinely check items on your car to help avoid unwanted problems from occurring. Keeping your car from overheating or causing damage to the motor of the vehicle can depend on routine maintenance. . Knowing things to keep a check on when it comes to your automobile will help keep your car in good shape. Check Engine Light There are many reasons your check engine light may come on, but the first thing you should check is if your...

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Little Tricks To Keep Your Car In Good Shape Longer

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Sometimes it’s the little things that keep a car running and looking good for a long time. Consider the following tips for keeping your car in good shape for years of ownership. Baby That New Car A new car comes to the dealership with few miles on it. Many parts in the engine and transmission have not yet settled into place with the rest of the parts. Every new car has a “break in” period, which is noted in the owner’s manual. These instructions tell you how to drive for the first few miles. In addition to those...

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The Importance Of Diesel Filter Mainetenance

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Diesel filters, known more specifically as diesel particulate filters, are an essential part of diesel-fueled vehicles. Their main function is to remove toxic and harmful substances, such as soot, ash, metallic abrasion particles, sulfates and silicates, from the exhaust of a diesel engine. Dangers of Engines Without Diesel Filters Without the filter, these substances would not only pollute the environment but also cause short-term health effects (headaches; dizziness; nausea; breathing difficulties; eye, nose and throat irritation) as well...

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Three Tips To Help Keep Your Auto Body Free Of Dings And Scratches

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Few things do more to mar the appearance of your car than door dings and scratches.  These minuscule dents make your car appear more aged than it is, and can lower the resale value of your vehicle.  Although you may believe that dings and scratches are an inevitable part of owning a car, there are things you can do to minimize the chance that these blemishes will appear on your automobile.  Use these tips to keep your car looking good for as long as possible. Mind Your Parking Parking lots are one of the biggest offenders when...

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How A Cracked Windshield Can Interfere With Safety In A Collision

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The windshield is one of the most important windows in a car, because it can add protection in a collision. Cracks in the glass can lead to injuries in a collision that could have been less severe if the cracks were not there. In this article, you will discover how a cracked windshield can interfere with your safety in a collision and how much a replacement should cost. How Can a Cracked Windshield Interfere with Safety in a Collision? Front-end collisions can be fatal, but the problem is even worse when there are cracks in the windshield....

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Learn The Importance Of Keeping Your New Tires Properly Inflated

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It is crucial to keep your tires properly inflated. Tires that are over- or under-inflated can be a serious threat to you and your passengers. If you think about it, the tires on your vehicle are one of the most important components. Without tires, you aren’t going anywhere: Checking Tire Pressure You will want to know the correct tire pressure for your tires, and how to check it. Tire pressure is measured by pounds per square inch or PSI. Your vehicles owner’s manual will give you the proper PSI. In cars manufactured from 2003...

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