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3 Reasons Your Car Might Not Be Able To Start

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Reasons Your Car Might Not Be Able To Start

If you’re traveling down the road and find that your car gives out and simply won’t restart, it’s highly recommended that you call a tow service, like Country City Towing. They will be able to get you and your vehicle to an auto repair service as soon as possible. There might be any number of reasons why your car refuses to run. Throughout the course of this brief article, you’ll learn about a few of those reasons. Bad Alternator An alternator is the unit which sends power to your battery. As such, with a faulty alternator, your car won’t receive any electrical power, which is the impetus for powering a good deal of your car’s functions. Luckily, there are ways to predict if your car’s alternator is starting to give before it becomes a major problem for you while driving on a busy roadway. If you smell something unusual, like a hint of burning rubber, then chances are the belts that work in tandem with your alternator are starting to wear down and should be examined by a professional. Similarly, a grinding noise that you can pinpoint as coming from the area of your dashboard might be an indication that your alternator is quickly wearing down. Dead Battery If you turn your key over and find that either your car simply won’t start at all – this is to say you cannot even hear the engine turning – or you might hear the engine turn for a brief moment, and the lights turn on in your car, then slowly go dim, then chances are, the issue is related to your battery. If you have jumper cables and access to another vehicle, then jump your car using this method. If not, it is recommended that you call a tow service, as most services carry jumper cables with them at all times, and will be happy to give you a jump for a small fee. Overheating Overheating is a very easy issue to detect. First of all, check your engine’s heat gauge located on the dashboard. If it is running red, then that is a good indicator that your car is overheating, and thus will not start. A further blatant indication that your car is suffering from overheating is the fact that your engine emits smoke whenever you turn over the engine. If you notice that your car is overheating, make no further attempts to start it. Hopefully, you’ve learned of a few of the reasons why your car might not start and perhaps a few measures to take to rectify the...

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Keep A Backup Communications Plan For Long Car Trips

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If you’re driving across the country, modern technology has a few extra ways to keep you safe. Although it’s great to have low-tech survival techniques in your mind in case you are stranded; but, there’s nothing wrong with having optional support from the smartphones and tablets that are so prevalent these days. Before going on a long driving trip, take a look at how you can prep your mobile devices. Battery Backup Planning Isn’t As Easy As It Seems Smartphones can be charged on the car charger, and except for a few models with built-in battery units, it’s easy to pop out an old battery and add a new one. Unfortunately, an emergency situation could throw a few extra challenges at you. Grabbing a few extra batteries and a charging dock is a great idea because it gives you hours–even days–of extra power to use your device as you need. If you plan on driving during the summer or at any point where your car will be in direct sunlight, the batteries could be in danger of overheating from exposure. Batteries have warnings about keeping them in direct sunlight–although it’s not rare for the advice to go unseen or forgotten. If you leave a battery in direct sunlight–even during the winter–your windshield or other automobile glass could act as a magnifying glass by heating up a specific point of the battery and causing a small explosion. A popped battery is a small scare and not too dangerous if it’s not right next to your body, but it’ll render your backup power useless. Get a dark case for your batteries and keep all batteries in storage until you need them. With a steady supply of batteries, you can make as many calls as you need for emergency towing services, like Marv’s Quality Towing Inc, and to notify family members. You can even look up the nearby area to find food and lodging, as well as easier instructions for towing services to get to you since you will have plenty of battery power. Outage Area Planning Your mobile device is nearly useless if you can’t get reception, and even though smartphones seem like a big part of American living, there are still areas without cellular coverage. Some areas are even on major roads, which can leave you stranded and in an awkward situation when it comes to calling a towing service. Before leaving, look up your possible driving routes and compare them to a cell coverage map. Don’t just glance at the map, look at the wide coverage and sit comfortable with your communications situation; you need to zoom into any outage maps to find specific pockets of coverage that could be missing. Entire states may seem to be within the signal area, but as you zoom closer, you begin to see the small, blank areas where no coverage exists. You’ll need to mark any areas that have no coverage in case of a breakdown. Although specific breakdown may seem unlikely, you could be driving across a particularly long, unserviced road with a lot of potholes, deer, debris or other road dangerous that are the perfect situation for a road emergency. Marking these areas will give you a good idea of where you will need to walk to be able to make a call for towing. Don’t walk too...

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3 Signs That You Should Be Having Your Oil Changed More Frequently

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Preventative maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping your vehicle in good condition. This includes a lot of things, but one of the most basic — and important — of them is having your oil changed regularly. Without proper oil changes, it is difficult for your car’s engine to operate efficiently and easily, which can cause wear and tear on one of the most important systems within your vehicle. These are a few signs that you should be having your oil changed more frequently than you do right now. 1. Your Car’s Maintenance Schedule Says So Every mechanic has an opinion about how often a car’s oil should be changed. The main thing to look at when making this decision, however, is your car’s maintenance schedule. Every vehicle varies, and different cars use different types of oil and have different engines and accompanying systems. The manufacturer can provide you with the best information about how often your oil should be changed, so take a look at your maintenance schedule, call the dealership and ask, or talk to a certified mechanic who has experience in providing maintenance for cars of the same make and model of yours. 2. You Drive in Dusty Conditions Regularly One of the main reasons to change your oil is to get rid of dirty oil and to replace it with nice, clean oil that will flow smoothly through your vehicle’s engine and accompanying system. If you drive down dusty paths or otherwise drive in dusty conditions a lot, there is a greater chance that your oil is becoming contaminated. Having your oil changed regularly will help you ensure that there is always clean, fresh oil in your vehicle. 3. You’re Tough on Your Car If you’re really tough on your car, such as if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or if you stay on the road a lot because of a long commute or the type of job that you have, you should probably be having your oil changed more frequently. Doing so will help your engine run smoothly, which is important when you put your car through a lot on a daily basis. As you can see, there are some situations in which you should be having your oil changed more frequently. If any of these three things apply to you and your car, you may want to start taking your vehicle to a preventive maintenance shop, such as ABS Unlimited Auto Repair, to have your oil changed more...

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3 Tips For Buying A Used Box Truck

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Having access to a box truck can make deliveries much easier for your small business. If you can’t afford to invest in a new truck, then purchasing a used box truck could be a viable solution. Here are three tips to keep in mind as you look for a used box truck to ensure that you get the best deal possible in the future. 1. If you need more power, then a diesel engine might be your best bet. Box trucks can be purchased with either a diesel-fueled engine or a gasoline-fueled engine. If you are planning to carry heavy loads in your box truck, you will want a lot of torque to get your truck moving. To produce torque, the engine needs access to energy. Diesel fuel has about 11% more energy per gallon than regular gasoline, making it the perfect option to power a box truck transporting heavy loads. Be sure that you take the time to carefully consider your power needs before investing in a used box truck so that you purchase a truck whose engine is equipped to meet your needs. 2. Be sure that the box truck you purchase is equipped to handle the road conditions in your area. If your business operates in an area where the roads are frequently covered in ice or snow, you will need to ensure that the box truck you purchase is equipped to navigate these road conditions. Finding a box truck that is equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD) can guarantee that each delivery arrives safely. When a vehicle’s AWD is engaged, it becomes easier for the box truck to find traction and maintain forward momentum. Transporting heavy loads in bad weather can be dangerous, but investing in a used box truck with AWD will reduce the risks associated with driving when road conditions are bad. 3. Carefully consider your driving needs when evaluating cab placement. The cab of a box truck is usually located in one of two areas. A conventional high cab is situated behind the engine block. This cab placement improves long-distance visibility, making it a great choice for businesses that make long-distance deliveries on a regular basis. If your business is primarily responsible for making local deliveries in an urban setting, then a box truck with a low cab-forward design might be a better option. This cab placement provides maximum visibility when maneuverability in tight spaces is required. For more information, contact House of Trucks or a similar...

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Sputtering Engine? Could Be Your Crankshaft Sensor

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You might have taken precautions to prevent your car from acting up, like visiting your auto care specialist regularly. But that does not mean an issue cannot arise, like a sputtering engine. Sputtering may be random or it may occur when you accelerate or decelerate, which is a common symptom of a bad crankshaft sensor. The following guide will help you diagnose the issue and help you fix it as well.  Signs Of A Bad Crankshaft Sensor The crankshaft sensor helps your vehicle’s computer read the rotational speed of your crankshaft, which allows your computer to signal the right amount of fuel needed to ignite your spark plugs. You should be aware of some of the signs that accompany the engine sputtering symptoms associated with a bad crankshaft sensor because a sputtering engine could be signaling another issue, like a clogged fuel filter.  The following are other signs to look for: You might feel acceleration problems, or your car might have trouble maintaining a constant speed. There may be an inexplicable increase in fuel consumption, as your vehicle eats up more fuel than needed. You may experience engine stalls or problems starting your vehicle altogether because the timing will be off.  The check engine light might turn on, and your reader could indicate a problem with your crankshaft sensor.  Your engine might begin to vibrate more than usual. There may be some backfires when you are driving your car.  You might notice rough idling. Your mileage may be inaccurate. You should talk to your auto care specialist about some of these symptoms, so that he or she can help confirm that your crankshaft sensor is the problem.  Replacing The Crankshaft Sensor You will need the following to replace your sensor: Your owner’s manual or a repair guide Safety equipment like goggles and gloves A new crankshaft sensor with O-ring Your socket and wrench set Screwdriver Follow the steps below to replace the sensor: Allow your vehicle to cool down (if you have been driving). Put your safety gear on for your own protection, and pop the hood. Disconnect the red cable or the negative cable from your battery, again, for your own protection. Locate the crankshaft sensor, which is usually near the main pulley in front of your engine. You can also refer to your owner’s manual or repair guide for exact position, as it may vary. Disconnect the three wires attached to the sensor, but pay attention to the order as you will need to connect them the same way to your new sensor.  Remove the bolts holding the sensor in place, and carefully take out the old sensor along with the O-ring. Place the new O-ring where the old one was, and put the new sensor on top of that, which should lock in place easily.  Reconnect the wires as they were connected to the old sensor, and use the bolts to secure it in place.  Connect your battery, and you are done.  You can always opt to have your auto care specialist deal with this replacement, but hopefully this was able to take care of the issue your vehicle was having. To find out more, speak with a business like Gwizz Auto...

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Four Tips To Help You Bring A Car From The Scrap Yard To The Auction House

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If you want to have a fun restoration project, saving a car from becoming shredded steel can be fun. There are many classic cars sitting in scrap yards, which you can get for next to nothing. Putting some work into them, you can make them ready for an auction house and get some of your money back. Here are some tips to help you take a classic from the scrap yard and get it ready for the auction house. 1. Finding The Perfect Project Car To Bring Back To Life One of the first things that you will want for your project is the car to start. The best places to look are scrap yards and places with abandoned cars. Look for classic two door cars if you want to do a type of muscle car. If you are looking for something different, consider unique body styles to give a modern makeover. This can be cars like old large sedans with a lot of space. 2. Repairing Any Issues With The Frame And Body Of Your Project When you save an old car from the scrap yard, you can be pretty sure that there will be problems with the frame and body of the car. These are the problems that you will want to work out first. Check the frame for alignment and get it back straight. Once the frame is where it needs to be, you will be ready to do the repairs to the body. 3. Choosing The Type Of Engine That Will Power Your Classic The type of engine that you put in your project can also make a big difference. If you are going for a classic look, you may want to have an authentic motor from the era the car was made. If you are looking to do more of a modern makeover, consider modern engines with features like fuel injection. It is important to remember that some of the factory motors can be expensive, so you may want to consider rebuilding a motor or buying a salvaged engine from a used parts dealer. 4. Reviving The Classic With New Paint And A New Interior The final steps in getting your car ready for an auction is giving it a coat of paint and new interior. For the paint, you may want to look at paint features of the era and make of car you are restoring. You can include some of these features in the paint design. A lot of the interior you may want to completely replace, but you may want to look for used interior parts like seats from salvaged cars and other sources. These are some tips to help you take a classic car from the scrap yard and make it ready for the car show or an auction. If you need help getting the parts you need for your project, contact a professional like Acheson Auto Body and Service Center West to get the body and frame of your project...

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Improving Your Shopping Experience When Buying Used Tires

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Are you thinking about replacing your balding tires before the winter arrives? If your current tires lack traction then replacing your tires is definitely an important task, as this can improve the control that you have over your vehicle when driving on wet road conditions. Well, if you are going to be replacing your current tires and don’t have money for new ones, then shopping for used ones is still a good solution. To ensure you buy quality used tires, buying from a tire shop is your best option, as they can provide you with the following: Third Party Coverage: Getting the most for your investment is important, even if you are buying used tires. Well, a great way to protect your investment is to shop from a tire shop that offers extended warranty coverage. Extended warranty coverage will allow you to obtain low cost and sometimes free tire repairs and replacements, even if the manufacturer warranty is no longer effective. This will help prevent you from paying any additional costs for tires, which can be very helpful seeing that you just purchased your current set. Quality Tires: When shopping for used tires, there a few things to keep in mind, as you will want to be certain that you are buying tires that will last you a good amount of time. A few things to inspect to look into are things like: If the tire shows signs of previous patch repairs. How the traction levels are, as you don’t want to be stuck buying tires that you will have to replace shortly due to the minimum traction levels. Checking for these two signs can help you avoid tires that have recent repair work done to them. Patch repairs can indicate that the tire has had an issue in the past where it has been punctured and was leaking air. Buying tires in this condition can potentially put you at risk of dealing with further air leakage issues in the future, as these patch repairs may not hold up for too long.   Professional Installation: Having professional installation for your new tires is very important, as this can increase the longevity of your tires. This is because your tire shop will properly mount your tires onto your rims, which will help prevent air from leaking through your tires later down the road. Also, your tire shop will also balance each tire, to ensure they are weighted properly, so you can have a smooth and reliable ride with your new, used tires. Taking advantage of these three options will ensure you are able to get the best tires possible for your budget, and that you are able to drive safely on the roads this upcoming winter. So, rather than shop from an online seller or a local independent seller, be sure to protect your investment by shopping from a nearby tire shop (such as Jensen Tire &...

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Bike’s Finish

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Keeping your motorcycle clean is essential if you want to keep it looking good. Even just choosing to neglect the bike can do damage to it. Many motorcycle enthusiasts find joy in cleaning their bikes, but not everyone understands the proper way to maintain it. There are several levels of cleaning your motorcycle. You could take everything off, just leaving the frame, and clean each item individually, or you could do a quick clean and wax job. Most likely, this will depend on your last cleaning and how much time you have. When not in use, you should always keep the bike covered in a garage or enclosed trailer to keep it protected. (Contact a company like Ace Trailer Sales to find one for your bike.) Regardless of how detailed you want to get with your cleaning, here are some important tips to help you get your bike looking its best.  Windshields While a windshield is not the most interesting accessory for your bike, it may be one of the most useful. Instead of eating bugs and getting hit in the face by the wind, you can protect yourself with a great-looking windshield. Unlike windshields on cars, a motorcycle windshield is not scratch resistant. This means washing it requires a little extra care and attention. Instead of using paper towels, you will need to use a soft cloth to clean it. Paper will scratch the windshield and may cause you to replace it much sooner. You also don’t want to use a squeegee to clean it, as any dirt and debris on it could scratch the plastic. When not in use, place an old t-shirt over the windshield to protect it.  Leather Saddlebags and Seat Covers Leather requires a completely different cleaning process than other parts of a bike. You want to make sure you remove these before you begin cleaning them. Your saddlebags and seat covers are likely to encounter road salt, rain, and dirt from your travels, so you want to make sure you keep them clean in order to maintain their look and finish. In order to do this, you need a good leather conditioner. Many bike manufacturers will recommend a certain type. You want to let it sit overnight in order to work its magic.  Clothing If you plan to keep your bike looking good, you have to be careful of what you are going to wear when on it. Things like zippers and belts can easily put a scratch on your bike’s finish if you are not careful. When dressing for your ride, pay attention to what metal is on you and if it will come into contact with your bike. You also want to keep your motorcycle key separate from other keys. You do not want a bunch of keys dangling close to the bike and possibly scratching it when you are riding. ...

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What’s The Difference Between Foreign And American Cars?

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When looking for a new car, you have so many options to choose from. Brands, models, colors, features, sizes, uses, and performance should all be a factor in your decision. But if you’re a novice in the car industry, how can you choose? The first question you should ask yourself is, “Foreign or Domestic?” So what really makes an American-made car different than a car made by, say, Japanese or German carmakers? Here are a few factors to consider.  Quality When it comes to quality, Japanese cars are often seen as more reliable. German cars are lauded as high-performance and well-crafted. American cars, by comparison, don’t usually measure up. However, American carmakers work hard to improve quality year after year.  Price Not surprisingly, American cars tend to offer more features and value than their counterparts from across the sea. If you’re looking for a relatively cheap car with standard features, an American car is the way to go. It should also be noted that American cars prove easier and cheaper to repair because the parts and knowledge necessary for labor are more abundant. However, if your area has a local foreign auto mechanic, foreign car repair doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, if foreign cars are made to last, they shouldn’t need to be repaired as often if they’re well-maintained. Style Americans are obsessed with foreign luxury. Think of high-end fashion brands from Paris and Italy. It’s the same with cars. Foreign cars are often seen as more stylish partially because they’re just that — foreign. We always seem to want what’s new and different, and for cars, that means foreign. But watch out for modern American muscle cars; their classic styles can definitely compete with foreign cars.  Fuel Efficiency American fuel efficiency guidelines just aren’t as strict as foreign guidelines, which makes foreign-made cars more fuel efficient. But with hybrid cars becoming ever-popular in our country, Americans could soon be the frontrunners in this regard.  So Which Should You Choose? If you look at the facts, it seems like foreign cars are the way to go. However, this may not always be the case. You really have to look at what you want out of a car before you narrow down your choices. For example, you may not want a fancy car, but instead, a reliable car to take camping and off-roading. Or, you can’t afford a luxury car and instead need to buy something that has the most bang for its buck. You can look at car comparisons all day long, but in the end, must decide for yourself what works best for your needs. Contact a company like Wolfe’s Foreign Auto for more...

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2 Reasons To Let A Professional Install Your Car Stereo

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Replacing your stock stereo is a great way to improve the experience of listening to music in your vehicle, but you will want to avoid installing a new system on your own because of the many things that can go wrong. By having a professional install your new car stereo, you will be able to avoid interference and power issues. Avoid Interference One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you install a new car stereo is that you end up hearing distorted audio. Distorted audio can cause your music to sound like it is coming from an ancient stereo or make your music completely unrecognizable.  A major contributor to sound interference in a stereo system is having wires running too close to one another. For example, if an audio wire is installed too closely to a power cable, the power cable can disrupt the audio signal. A professional car stereo technician can avoid this problem by routing the audio cables through areas of the car where there are very few, if any, power sources. If this is not possible, the car installer can place shield material around the audio cables to limit or eliminate interference. Avoid Power Issues Another problem that can arise when installing a new car stereo is that you can easily run into power issues, especially if you are planning on installing multiple new stereo components. In addition, installing a new stereo, subwoofer, powerful speakers, and other audio components on a vehicle that already has a lot of electronic components can make power issues more likely. When power issues show up due to the many electronic accessories and components that your car has installed, you will begin to experience issues with some components not turning on, poor performance, weak sound, and even issues with your vehicle’s basic operation. In order to get around that issue, a professional installer can take a look at all of your vehicle’s current power requirements and let your know if your current car battery and electrical system is powerful enough to handle the additional strain of your aftermarket stereo and other new audio components. If not, a car stereo technician will often be able to help you upgrade the car’s power system and battery in order to allow it to handle the new power requirements. Speak to a professional car stereo technician today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help you. A professional, like those at Safe & Sound, can install your car stereo in a way that limits interference and power...

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